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The Best Conversations Happens Over Coffee

Hosted by marketing expert, Pat Cooper, this is not your typical marketing podcast. Join us as we dive deep into the minds of marketing and business leaders who are shaping the future of the industry. Each episode is a captivating journey into the strategies, insights, and personal stories of our guests. Get ready for unfiltered discussions every week.

Hosted by Pat Cooper

Meet The Host

Pat Cooper

Digital Marketing Strategist

Pat is a seasoned Digital Marketing Strategist with nearly a decade of experience helping brands redefine their marketing strategy to lower customer acquisition costs and accelerate revenue. He’s worked alongside CMOs and CEOs on startup, in-house, and agency teams and has generated over $15M in revenue.

Latest Episode

In this episode, John Bohan, CEO of Socialtyze, emphasizes the importance of relatability in social media marketing, as well as why authenticity and simplicity are key to connecting with audiences.


Alex Devine Headshot
Alex Devine
President at VSG Marketing
john bohan headshot
John Bohan
CEO at Socialtyze
katrina owens headshot
Katrina Owens
Founder at Knockout Directive
Megan Jordan
Owner at Bay To Bay Brokerage
Stefan Fehr
Founder at Moderniqs