16. Erin Andrea Craske: Become a Conscious Business Rebel

In this episode, Erin Andrea Craske, Business & Leadership Success Coach at Effortless, explores the challenges and intricacies of building a personal brand and standing out as a business rebel.

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  • Erin Andrea Craske, an award-winning strategist, boasts a 20-year career, culminating as Global Head of Consumer Brands. With expertise in strategic development, profitability, leadership, and communication, she’s an ICF-certified business and leadership success coach for impact-driven businesses. Leveraging 16 years of leadership, she empowers conscious business rebels to succeed and create positive impacts.

Erin explores the challenges and intricacies of building a personal brand. She breaks down the balance of authenticity with corporate expectations while using a personal brand for visibility and opportunities. Erin also shares what it takes to become a business rebel, by voicing your authentic, genuine self. The main takeaways are that effective marketing and branding should not shy away from emotions and empathy. Understanding and mirroring the customer’s emotions and needs are crucial to be an effective marketer.

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[1:19] Erin’s favorite brew

[2:34] Why building a personal brand is so challenging

  • Building a personal brand with authenticity
  • Balancing brand awareness with self-awareness
  • The trouble with attracting a profitable audience

[6:33]  Does everyone need a personal brand

  • The value of having of a brand as a freelancer
  • Finding your unique selling point
  • Balancing your online voice with your employer

[14:02]  A masterclass on brand communication

  • Brand communication makes up 80% of your communication assets
  • Creating a desirable image of your product or service
  • The different stages of brand building

[21:00] How marketers can rebel against the noise

  • Defining challenger brands and blue ocean thinking
  • Finding your brand’s silver lining in noisy industries
  • The importance of being an outlier

[25:16] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Don’t shy away from your emotions – use them
  • Dial up your empathy as a marketer
  • Marketing is not subjective, subjective is the marketing


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