17. Chase Friedman: The Framework For Building A Purpose-Driven Brand

In this episode, Chase Friedman, Founder of Vanquish Media Group, discusses the concept of purpose-driven brands and the pitfalls of greenwashing, highlighting that brands should focus on honest storytelling to convey their purpose

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  • Chase Friedman is a brand strategist and coach and the Founder of Vanquish Media Group, a brand marketing agency that supports organizations who aspire to Do Good and Do Well. His core belief is that all businesses and organizations have the potential to profit with purpose. To achieve this balance, he cultivates a balance of brand strategy, storytelling and marketing designed to transform audiences into ambassadors. With a diverse client portfolio including VC-backed Startups, SMBs, and non-profits, Chase provides strategic brand leadership resulting in sustainable growth and societal impact. Having produced over 1,500 branded content assets, with over 500 million views, resulting in +$45 million in revenue and donations, Chase has proven the potential for any business to profit with purpose.
    Chase is also a member of 1% for the Planet, commits his time to multiple pro-bono and non-profit initiatives and serves on the Board of Advisors for the non-profit Film2Future foundation.

Chase discusses the concept of purpose-driven brands, emphasizing that these brands stand for something beyond just making profits. He also touches on the pitfalls of “greenwashing” or “purpose washing,” where companies falsely claim to uphold certain values for marketing benefits without genuine actions backing those claims. Authenticity is key, and brands should focus on honest storytelling to convey their purpose. Ultimately, the takeaway for businesses is to develop and articulate a clear purpose, ensuring it guides their strategy and marketing.

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[1:59] Chase’s favorite brew

[2:57] What is a purpose-driven brand

  • Creating brand values beyond the bottom line
  • The many purposes a brand can focus on, from personal to community
  • Avoiding getting stuck in the sea of sameness as other brands

[8:34] How brand purpose drives business growth

  • The effect of brand purpose: margin, market share, recruitment, retention & innovation
  • Using purpose for strategic positioning to increase your value among competitors
  • How employees are evaluating brand purpose to work with companies that align with their values

[12:18] The state of greenwashing and how it can damage a brand 

  • Companies ‘going green’ can be a double-edged sword that many brands have gotten into trouble for
  • Greenwashing and its effect on consumer trust
  • How to solve greenwashing in the US: improved measurement and protocols

[16:12] Chase’s background in film & TV – brand purpose in storytelling

  • The importance of telling human, authentic stories around your brand purpose; not just flashing metrics
  • How documentaries can help tell a brand story in a meaningful way
  • The benefit of brands being invisible when they’re showcasing their values; it says more to show less

[20:40] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • No matter what brand you’re building, develop your purpose and take action
  • There’s a difference in the impact that you can make within your team, within your community, and your backyard


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