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Hosted by Pat Cooper

In this episode, John Bohan, CEO of Socialtyze, emphasizes the importance of relatability in social media marketing, as well as why authenticity and simplicity are key to connecting with audiences.

In this episode, Stefan Fehr, Founder of Moderniqs, shares the evolving landscape of marketing, particularly focusing on the impact of AI, automation, and recent developments like Google's changes regarding third-party cookies.

In this episode, Megan Jordan, Owner of Bay to Bay Brokerage, shares how she became one of Tampa’s youngest brokers at the age of 25, emphasizing the importance of genuine client relationships over transaction-focused approaches, seeing trust as paramount in such a significant investment.

In this episode, Brian Hurst, VP of Social Media at AMA Boston, explores the importance of integrating customer needs into brand journeys, finding differentiation in oversaturated markets, and leveraging user-generated content (UGC) for authenticity.

In this episode, Katrina Owens , Founder of Knockout Directive, dispels the biggest PR misconceptions and shares how to find a unique angle to stand out in your industry.

In this episode, Alex Devine, President of VSG Marketing, stresses the value of data cleanliness for brands and the importance of integrations between marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

In this episode, Ashley Mason, Founder of Dash of Social, explores what goes into building a multi-channel marketing strategy and how to create a winning partnership marketing strategy.

In this episode, Gee Ranasinha, CEO of KEXINO, critiques the current state of marketing, noting a focus on tactics over strategy and a misunderstanding of the marketing discipline.

In this episode, Tovit Neizer, former journalist, athlete, and entrepreneur, emphasizes the connection between a brand and its story.

In this episode, Danny Cohanpour, CEO of Trove Tourism Development Advisors, explains how marketing from tourism agencies drives travel demand and what those destination partnerships look like.