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Hosted by Pat Cooper

In this episode, Mike Mannino, Co-Founder of Reciprocity Capital Group, shares his journey into entrepreneurship, starting at a young age with various jobs and eventually buying a house, which led him to build a business that has flipped 80+ houses.

In this episode, Amanda Fox, Founder of Cre8tive Copy UK, shares her view on using AI as a valuable tool for copywriting and how it can complement human creativity and expertise, not replace it.

In this episode, Chase Friedman, Founder of Vanquish Media Group, discusses the concept of purpose-driven brands and the pitfalls of greenwashing, highlighting that brands should focus on honest storytelling to convey their purpose

In this episode, Erin Andrea Craske, Business & Leadership Success Coach at Effortless, explores the challenges and intricacies of building a personal brand and standing out as a business rebel.

In this episode, Barry Labov, CEO of LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications, dives deep into brand differentiation and how companies can maintain their identity and value in a competitive market.

In this episode, Robert Brill, CEO of Brill Media, shares his insights on business growth tactics and the significance of hiring experts to grow your career.

In this episode, John Bohan, CEO of Socialtyze, emphasizes the importance of relatability in social media marketing, as well as why authenticity and simplicity are key to connecting with audiences.

In this episode, Stefan Fehr, Founder of Moderniqs, shares the evolving landscape of marketing, particularly focusing on the impact of AI, automation, and recent developments like Google's changes regarding third-party cookies.

In this episode, Megan Jordan, Owner of Bay to Bay Brokerage, shares how she became one of Tampa’s youngest brokers at the age of 25, emphasizing the importance of genuine client relationships over transaction-focused approaches, seeing trust as paramount in such a significant investment.

In this episode, Brian Hurst, VP of Social Media at AMA Boston, explores the importance of integrating customer needs into brand journeys, finding differentiation in oversaturated markets, and leveraging user-generated content (UGC) for authenticity.