18. Amanda Fox: How AI is Revolutionizing Copywriting, Not Replacing It

In this episode, Amanda Fox, Founder of Cre8tive Copy UK, shares her view on using AI as a valuable tool for copywriting and how it can complement human creativity and expertise, not replace it.

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  • Amanda is a professional copywriter and ex-corporate marketer who wants brands to harness tech like AI in smart ways to create better content for their customers. Her marketing background spans hotels, casinos, beauty, apps and lifestyle brands and her passion is crafting persuasive sales copy.

Amanda shares her view on using AI as a valuable tool for copywriting and how it can complement human creativity and expertise, not replace it. She advises that brands should avoid simply copying and pasting AI-generated content to maintain authenticity and avoid penalties from search engines. Instead, use AI for brainstorming, outlining, and enhancing content while infusing it with personal experience and genuine insights. The takeaway is that safely using AI not only helps in producing high-quality content but also ensures long-term sustainability and effectiveness in brand marketing.

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[1:15] Amanda’s favorite brew

[2:20] How to safely use AI for content marketing

  • The future of automation means copy and pasting is no longer a safe way to use AI.
  • How to cut your workload in half with AI workflows.
  • The marketing impact of using AI for content means Google can de-rank your brand.

[5:31] Using ChatGPT as a content partner

  • Outlining and brainstorming with AI to develop powerful content.
  • Using AI queries as writing prompts and applying the responses as structure for content.
  • The importance of adding personal experience to ChatGPT to create lasting content experiences.

[10:27] Global limitations on AI content generation

  • The growing problem with AI databases and sourcing data that appeals to global users.
  • Using AI as an opportunity for creative teams and content creation.

[16:10] Amanda’s curated AI toolkit

  • Pros and cons for using Grammarly AI for copywriting.
  • Using ChatGPT and Copilot for outlining blog posts.
  • The advantage of using free AI tools to scale content.

[21:30] Amanda’s hot take on AI in marketing

  • Don’t believe anybody that says AI will replace the customer experience.
  • AI might help get your views and clicks now, but it’s not a good long-term strategy.

[28:20] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • AI is a great way to enhance and enable creativity, not replace it.
  • Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are more important than any AI tool out there.


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