15. Barry LaBov: The Secret Formula to Brand Differentiation

In this episode, Barry Labov, CEO of LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications, dives deep into brand differentiation and how companies can maintain their identity and value in a competitive market.

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  • Barry LaBov, is a two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, a nationally recognized, respected author, podcast guest, and brand strategist. He is the Founder and CEO of LABOV Marketing, Communications, and Training—a full-service agency that specializes in helping clients discover and celebrate their brand differentiation. LABOV’s clients include national and international brands and he has an upcoming book entitled, “The Power of Differentiation, Win Hearts, Minds and Market Share.”

Barry dives deep into brand differentiation and how companies can maintain their identity and value in a competitive market. He emphasizes the pressures brands face to commoditize, reducing uniqueness to lower prices, which can be detrimental. Barry also shares a story about Johan Denysian, a former CEO of Audi, who insisted on not discounting their cars, leading to maintaining the brand’s value and customer loyalty. The key takeaway is that you must discover, not create, what makes your brand truly unique.

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[1:07] Barry’s favorite brew

[3:26] How brands are standing up for themselves

  • The growing pressure for brands to commoditize.
  • The danger of brands losing their uniqueness for rapid acceptance.
  • Offering value to the end consumer by standing up for your brand’s story.

[8:42]  The secret for discovering, not creating, your brand

  • The challenge of finding the right words for your brand.
  • The single meaning of value – high quality.
  • Brands that are establishing their voice without hesitation.

[18:18] Why so many startups are appearance-focused

  • How the easiest things to change are often the most meaningless.
  • Setting the right priorities as a brand leader.
  • Finding real challenges to earn your way into the market.

[24:07] Barry’s hot take on the marketing industry

  • You must discover, not create – you must discover what is your brand differentiation.

[26:17] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Find what makes you unique and celebrate it.
  • When you get your customer base involved, there’s a feeling of profound significance.


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