5. Tovit Neizer: Using Triathalons to Craft Brand Stories

In this episode, Tovit Neizer, former journalist, athlete, and entrepreneur, emphasizes the connection between a brand and its story.

  • Tovit Neizer is the owner of Yellow Bricks Consulting, helping B2B tech companies create a story that turns them into a brand. She helps companies with their storytelling, messaging, presentations and onstage talks. She is also a former journalist, founded 2 B2B software startups and led the marketing and business development of a hardware startup (acquired).


Tovit highlights the significance of crafting a well-defined story that resonates with the target audience’s hopes, desires, and aspirations. She draws parallels between her experiences in endurance sports, such as triathlons and climbing, and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the lessons of focus, mindfulness, balance, and embracing challenges. The two biggest takeaways: think of your audience above anything else and take the time to create a story that will make an impact.


[1:20] Tovit’s favorite brew

[3:13] Using stories as a foundation for a brand

  • Crafting a well-defined story
  • Building a brand beyond the product
  • Leveraging your audience for constant innovation

[7:58] The importance of good copy

  • Seeing copy beyond the words, towards the impact they make
  • Creating a holistic experience with good copy
  • Automation and AI in the world of content creation

[15:04] How training as an athlete translates to marketing 

  • How building a business is a lot like a marathon
  • The importance of taking a leap of faith and taking an unknown step
  • Ignoring the sway of instant success and enjoying the experience

[23:23] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Find the right audience, communicate with them, and learn from it
  • Take the time to create a story that will make an impact


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