3. Hannah Balliet: Transforming Boring Brands on Social Media

In this episode, Hannah Balliet, Social Media Manager of Ugly Mug Marketing leads a masterclass on social media marketing and how no-to-fun brands can create compelling digital experiences.

  • Hannah Balliet is the passionate and purposeful leader of the social media department at Ugly Mug Marketing. Over the past 4 years, Hannah has grown her department by over 340%, and has worked alongside hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs as they navigate the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. After launching more than 4,000 social media campaigns, Hannah has had a front-row seat To the challenges and rewards faced by marketers today. From private clients to social media masterclasses, Hannah brings her expertise and energy as she teaches clients how to use social media to scale their business, generate leads, and achieve results.


Hannah shares insights into his 20-year marketing career, the evolution of H2M Brand House, and the agency’s approach to transparency, disruption, and maintaining a lean team. The conversation also touches on the impact of the pandemic on remote work and the importance of avoiding cookie-cutter approaches in advertising. The key takeaway is to not settle for the normal – make an effort to be as unique as you can be.


[1:35] Hannah’s favorite brew

[3:00] Growing the social media department at Ugly Mug Marketing

  • Growing relationships and marketing tactical skills
  • Being mentored on social media strategy, activation, and management
  • Transitioning into a large role managing dozens of clients

[11:46] How to make not-so-fun brands exciting on social media

  • Creating value content that users actually want to engage with
  • Leveraging dynamic creative that drives audience intent
  • Adding a personal touch to brands that are tough to approach

[22:43] Tips for creating a social media content calendar

  • Creating content for the target customer profile
  • Using content templates to make social media easier – and fun
  • Breaking down social media marketing into a standardized process

[35:34] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Social media doesn’t have to be a burden
  • Utilize systems and processes for easier marketing management
  • Bring back the ‘fun’ in social media


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