4. Danny Cohanpour: Driving Tourism Demand With Brand Building

In this episode, Danny Cohanpour, CEO of Trove Tourism Development Advisors, explains how marketing from tourism agencies drives travel demand and what those destination partnerships look like.

  • Danny is CEO of Trove Tourism Development Advisors, a leading tourism marketing and strategy agency. Based in New York, Trove works with tourism boards around the world to launch game-changing marketing campaigns and development strategies to help the destinations stand out in the traveler market. Trove has worked in 25+ destinations, including Cambodia, Bahamas, Fiji, Aruba, Ras Al Khaimah UAE, and several others.


Danny highlights the recovery of international travel and the shift in focus towards supporting local communities. The conversation delves into tourism marketing strategies, emphasizing brand building and personalized advertising. The two takeaways: thinking like a customer in marketing and urging entrepreneurs to move forward with their ideas rather than obsessing over perfection.


[1:22] Danny’s favorite brew

[3:23] The current state of the tourism industry

  • Travel is back and business is booming
  • How the travel industry supports local communities
  • The importance of international travel

[5:51] How tourism marketing works

  • What role governments play in the travel industry
  • Implementing a marketing mix in tourism advertising
  • Identifying new markets ripe for consumers

[9:32] Emerging trends in the industry for 2024

  • Using VR to unlock virtual tourism
  • Tapping into smarter marketing using personalization
  • Avoiding traditional marketing for geo-targeted activations

[17:53] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Don’t wait on the perfect idea, just move it forward
  • Even if an idea already exists, your execution will make it different
  • Don’t sit in the idea stage for too long


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