1. Allen Ibrahim: Pandemic Career Pivots, From Healthcare to Marketing

In this episode, Allen Ibrahim, Finance Admin for the MBTA and Co-VP of Content for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Boston, shares his transition into marketing as a former CVS Pharmacy Technician.

  • Allen Ibrahim is a Finance Admin for the MBTA by day and a Podcaster and Content Marketer by night. He is also the Co-VP of Content for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Boston and the host of AMA Boston’s podcast, Talking Marketing.


Allen discusses his career transition from a CVS Pharmacy Technician to his current role, emphasizing the importance of persistence and adaptability during the pandemic. The conversation taps into the value of personal branding, marketing skills, and the benefits of exploring different career paths. Allen asks Pat about his decision to move from snowy Boston to sunny Tampa, highlighting the spontaneity of life decisions and the beauty of embracing change. The key takeaway is to not be afraid to pivot, take risks, and pursue one’s passions in both career and life.


[1:15] Allen’s favorite brew

[3:05] Transitioning careers during the pandemic

  • Working in the healthcare industry for three years before pivoting into marketing
  • Starting out as a Temp for the MBTA / MASSDOT
  • Leveraging podcasting to market yourself

[10:45] Becoming a podcast host for AMA Boston

  • Benefits of joining the American Marketing Association (AMA) to grow your marketing career
  • Exploring marketing interests and joining the content team at the Boston Chapter of AMA
  • Taking over the mic as the primary host of Talking Marketing and speaking with inspiring guests

[20:48] Pat’s move from Boston to Tampa and what inspires where we live

  • Making a big move from Boston, MA to Tampa, FL
  • The perks of Southern living compared to the East Coast
  • Taking big chances on even bigger decisions

[24:56] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Pivoting is beautiful, it’s really scary, but I think that all the best growth in your life
  • Try things out, test things out, and see what works
  • The typical 9-5 career path isn’t for everyone

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