9. Katrina Owens: Creating Memorable Brands with Emerging PR Trends

In this episode, Katrina Owens , Founder of Knockout Directive, dispels the biggest PR misconceptions and shares how to find a unique angle to stand out in your industry.

  • Katrina Owens is the Founder of Knockout Directive, a brand and publicity consultancy empowering passionate service providers and lifestyle brands with the magic of public relations.

    After spending 10 years working in corporate marketing and PR, Katrina left her lucrative job in real estate to focus on living a more aligned and purpose-driven life. As she built her consultancy, she began working with small businesses on their marketing strategies and noticed they were all making the same mistake. They were not harnessing the power of public relations, assuming it was a tactic reserved just for big businesses with big headlines.

    Now, Katrina helps passionate service providers and lifestyle brands radiate BIG brand energy by discovering their unique position in the marketplace, curating a distinct brand presence, and amplifying their business using modern-day PR tactics. Her clients have been featured in Vogue, People Magazine, on FOX News and podcasts across industries and the world.


Katrina dispels misconceptions about PR, particularly for smaller businesses and personal brands. Our conversation emphasized that PR isn’t just about sending out press releases but involves building relationships with clients, industry peers, and the community. We also break down the process for finding a unique angle to stand out in your industry, leveraging platforms to connect with podcast hosts and journalists, and the significance of experimentation and persistence in refining your pitches. The main takeaway was that PR is essential for businesses of all sizes and stages, offering opportunities to grow, increase brand recognition, and expand reach.


[1:51] Katrina’s favorite brew

[2:36] The biggest misconceptions in PR

  • You don’t need to be a ‘big business’ to tap into PR
  • Viewing PR as a more holistic marketing approach
  • How PR and social media are becoming more integrated

[8:07] Tips for using PR to build your personal brand

  • The importance of finding your niche and segmenting your voice to a specific audience
  • PR is so much more than a press release – at its core, it’s brand awareness

[11:26] How brands can map out a long-term PR journey

  • Setting achievable milestones that make sense for your brand
  • Going after small brand awareness marketing tactics and scaling your marketing efforts from there
  • Different types of PR media and the best ways to reuse content

[23:33] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Start incorporating PR into your business immediately – it’s never been easier to get started
  • You likely already have marketing materials ready for PR, you just don’t realize it yet


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