8. Alex Devine: Getting Smarketer with Data Automation

In this episode, Alex Devine, President of VSG Marketing, stresses the value of data cleanliness for brands and the importance of integrations between marketing automation platforms and CRMs.

  • Alex Devine is a marketing and business consultant providing a unique bridge between old school business ideals and new generational perspectives. In her straightforward style, she motivates teams to act, with empathy and understanding.

    As the president of VSG Marketing, a Spindustry company, Alex uses technology and data insights to help companies and individuals define their sales strategy and manage their digital presence. After nearly a decade in the heart of a fast-paced agency,she gained expertise in high-level marketing strategy, sales enablement, digital performance,and martech. Alex leads the VSGMarketing team and provides executive oversight to all service offerings in addition to making sure clients remain on the cutting edge of their industries.


Alex stresses the importance of data readiness and why brands need to start embracing it today. Despite the advancements in technology like AI and automation, she emphasizes the irreplaceable role of human intelligence, creativity, and relationships in marketing and sales. We also cover the importance of data integration between marketing automation platforms and CRMs is stressed, as it enables a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and enhances both marketing and sales processes. The biggest takeaways: it’s necessary for sales and marketing teams to work collaboratively, supported by data readiness and governance, to achieve success in today’s business landscape.


[1:22] Alex’s favorite brew

[3:10] How sales and marketing teams should be working together

  • Sales and marketing need to be working together for better data cleanliness
  • Marketing automation tools and CRMS aren’t talking to each other enough
  • Dashboards are one of the best ways to un-silo sales and marketing teams

[7:21] How emerging technology applies to smarketing 

  • Technology and data help define audiences for marketers, who can then use automation to scale
  • New ad tech policies are going to give marketers less access to data, which poses a challenge
  • Businesses need to be less worried about AI and learn the best ways to use it to accelerate their operations

[12:55] Data readiness and how brands are embracing it

  • Not enough brands are embracing data readiness and this is a big problem
  • Massive databases require a lot of detail and attention, automation isn’t plug-and-play
  • If you’ve been collecting data, now is the time to use it to empower your marketing

[21:26] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Sales and marketing teams need to be working more closely together
  • Business leaders should be working together in tandem and towards common initiatives


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