7. Ashley Mason: Creating Value With Partnership Marketing

In this episode, Ashley Mason, Founder of Dash of Social, explores what goes into building a multi-channel marketing strategy and how to create a winning partnership marketing strategy.

  • Ashley Mason is the Founder of Dash of Social, a content marketing firm specializing in social media, marketing strategy, blogging, and email marketing. Working closely with their clients, Ashley and her team help small business owners and entrepreneurs craft and execute value-driven marketing strategies designed to establish thought leadership, grow online communities, and build connections and leads.


Ashley emphasizes the importance of diversifying marketing strategies beyond just social media platforms. She highlights the value of meeting clients where they are, leveraging various mediums, and tapping into a multi-channel marketing strategy. We also explore the benefits partnership marketing, the need for clear goals, and mutual effort. The biggest takeaways: marketing is a long-term game, create content every day to continue providing value to your audience, and concentrate on the KPIs, not the vanity metrics.


[1:22] Ashley’s favorite brew

[2:29] What goes into building a multi-channel marketing strategy

  • Tapping into multiple marketing platforms to reach your target audience
  • Choosing the right platforms for your ideal customer
  • Avoiding the mistake or relying solely on one marketing channel

[5:13] Setting yourself up for success with partnership marketing

  • Finding the right partner for a winning partnership marketing strategy
  • The different forms of partnership marketing
  • Being intentional with your marketing partners

[10:41] The importance of leveraging LinkedIn for brand growth

  • Using LinkedIn to build a personal brand
  • Underestimating the value the platforms bring brands and employees
  • Different types of content geared for a LinkedIn audience

[13:00] Creating content for clients that’s not so fun

  • Leveraging editorial calendars for content creation
  • Using sequential marketing to make the most of your content
  • Repurposing previously posted content

[17:36] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Marketing is a long-term game that doesn’t always have instant gratification
  • Create content every day to continue providing value to your audience
  • Don’t focus on the vanity metrics, concentrate on the KPIs


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