14. Robert Brill: How to Leverage Experts to Grow Your Career

In this episode, Robert Brill, CEO of Brill Media, shares his insights on business growth tactics and the significance of hiring experts to grow your career.

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  • Robert has worked in advertising for 20 years, and is the CEO of Brill Media, a digital advertising agency for scalable business growth. The company has been honored 10 times across Inc 5000 and Financial Times 500.


Robert shares his insights on business growth tactics and the significance of hiring experts. His perspective underscores the importance of adapting to technological advancements, focusing on core strengths, and leveraging expertise to drive business growth and efficiency. The key takeaway is if you want to level up your career, pay to learn from the best.

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[1:07] Robert’s favorite brew

[2:25] The 2 key strategies for business growth

  • The (current and) future of algorithms and how they influence ad targeting
  • Using a creative testing framework to understand your audience

[9:40]  Transitioning from employee to employer

  • Starting Brill Media in 2013 and the power to own your career
  • Experimenting with different companies to find one that stuck
  • Focusing on where your zone of genius lies

[15:59] The value of SOPs in scaling up business operations

  • Creating new systems for existing agencies to scale their ad buying
  • Implementing frameworks that work for both companies and clients
  • SOPs are the heart of business growth, both externally and internally

[21:26] Robert’s hot take on the advertising industry

  • TikTok and short-form video content is king

[22:37] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Work with experts, whether it’s to level up your career or make more money
  • Accelerating your knowledge and skill set can help put you on the right path


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