13. John Bohan: Leading Brands With Relatable & Authentic Social Content

In this episode, John Bohan, CEO of Socialtyze, emphasizes the importance of relatability in social media marketing, as well as why authenticity and simplicity are key to connecting with audiences.

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  • John is the founder and CEO of Socialtyze, helping brands, agencies and creators accelerate their growth through social media.
    As one of the first internet marketers, he’s worked with over 250 leading brands including Coca Cola, Dreamworks and Redemption.
    His team of Creative Strategists work closely with leading Content Creators to tell stories that inspire, allowing brands, agencies and creators to win in social media.


John emphasizes the importance of relatability in social media marketing. With over 250 leading brands under his belt, he stresses that authenticity and simplicity are key to connecting with audiences. John highlights the shift towards more natural, human interactions in content creation, advising solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to focus on being concise, well-spoken, and consistent in their messaging. He also advocates for leveraging AI tools to streamline content creation processes. The two key takeaways are for marketers to prioritize relatability and human connection to drive engagement and success on social media platforms.

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[1:19] John’s favorite brew (1:19)

[2:10] What separates Socialtyze from other SMM agencies

  • Running an agency that was one of the first to advertise on Facebook
  • The Socialtyze team’s experience working with over 250 leading brands
  • Their expertise in SMM strategy and being able to pivot as consumers change

[5:05] Creating high-performing video content

  • Relatable content is the key in today’s social media marketing
  • Using elevated UGC to build close, personal connections to your audience
  • The simple, yet complex, SMM formula of showing a message and driving that home to consumers

[13:38] The importance for solopreneurs to build a personal brand 

  • Researching social media platforms to find the right one to reach your audience
  • The benefits of tapping into LinkedIn and Instagram for B2B engagement
  • The importance of creating a lot of content and being consistent

[19:27] 5 standout content tools to start using today

  • Recommendations to use tools like SubMagic, MidJourney, ChatHPT, Sora, Mygen, and more
  • Using Jasper and ChatGPT together for content development

[20:58] John’s hot take on the social media marketing industry

  • Quick cuts and nice design are becoming more popular in short-form video content
  • Authenticity is making a good comeback and it’s never been more important
  • You don’t need to have the prettiest videos, but you do need to be concise and consistent

[22:59] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • Relatability is key to good social media content
  • When you speak directly to your audience, you’re connecting with them
  • Even short-form content has tons of incredible value


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