12. Stefan Fehr: The Future of AI in Marketing is Here

In this episode, Stefan Fehr, Founder of Moderniqs, shares the evolving landscape of marketing, particularly focusing on the impact of AI, automation, and recent developments like Google's changes regarding third-party cookies.

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  • Stefan is an AI Pioneer & Founder, who is deeply immersed in content creation, inbound marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. He has been involved in the world of artificial intelligence since 2019. His expertise lies in crafting intelligent apps, founding an AI App Store, and designing large-scale websites. Also he is speaking and blogging about the future of work, society & AI.


Stefan shares the evolving landscape of marketing, particularly focusing on the impact of AI, automation, and recent developments like Google’s changes regarding third-party cookies. He details the importance of high-quality content and its role in marketing success, especially in light of Google’s emphasis on content precision and the rollout of AI-generated answers in search results. Stefan also touches on the challenges and opportunities presented by AI tools for content creation, such as GPT models, and speculates on future trends, including the shift towards shorter, more targeted content and the potential for AI-generated video content. The key takeaway is the importance of prioritizing high-quality content creation, citing examples like MrBeast and Healthline.com as models of success in the industry.

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[1:19] Stefan’s favorite brew

[2:51] What marketers should be following in AI

  • Traditional versus modern AI content creation
  • The impact of a cookie-less future and the cost for marketers
  • Using tools like ChatGPT to automate content development

[5:57] The impact of AI-generated content

  • Google search engine updates and how it will weed out AI content
  • Search engines getting into the AI game and how that will change marketing
  • Google’s preference for ranking AI-generated content

[11:20] What the future of AI looks like in marketing

  • How AI is deprecating lookalike audiences
  • The challenge Open AI will have in the coming years
  • Looking at AI as a vast industry rather than standalone tools

[13:40] Why Search Generative Experience is so important

  • SGE’s opportunity to rank higher and faster on search
  • Building an automated system for churning content
  • The importance of speed on search for marketers

[16:13] Stefan’s hot take on the marketing industry¬†

  • Look at popular creators like Mr. Beast and simply create better content
  • High quality content always leads to long-term marketing wins

[24:26] Final thoughts and takeaways

  • When you create high-quality media, you won’t have to spend a dollar on advertising


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